Fitneska ukázala postavu 5 mesiacov po pôrode: Každá jedna to zvládne, tvrdí

Fitneska ukázala postavu 5 mesiacov po pôrode: Každá jedna to zvládne, tvrdí Zdroj: Instagram
Austrálčanka sa netajila tým, že jej telo tehotenstvom a pôrodom úplne stratilo svoj tvar. Jej aktuálny vzhľad vás presvedčí, že keď sa chce, dá sa dosiahnuť naozaj veľa.

Emily Skye (33) má na svojom Instagrame obrovské množstvo fanúšikov, ktorých nielen motivuje, ale rozdáva im aj fit rady. Počas tehotenstva a krátko po ňom sa nehanbila ukázať svoje nedokonalosti, po ktorých dnes nie je ani stopy.

V tehotenstve poriadne pribrala!

Populárna fitneska sa priznala, že jej tehotenstvo neprežila vôbec tak, ako si predstavovala. Kvôli zdravotným problémom a bolestiam chrbtice musela seknúť s cvičením veľmi skoro, čo sa odrazilo aj na jej váhe. Dokopy pribrala až 21 kíl! 5 dní po pôrode ukázala realitu. Bruško jej zostalo poriadne veľké, ale v tej chvíli bola pre ňu priorita iba jediná - dcérka Mia.

Emily 5 dní po pôrode...

I barely recognise myself when I look in the mirror! . I’m far from a “glam mum” HAHA! 😂 - I currently live in what you could call “granny undies”, it hurts to do much with the stitches from my episiotomy, and feeding is extremely painful - I had no idea it would be this bad! 😫 My back is still really sore and when I walk around it literally feels like my insides are going to fall out. 🙈 I also had diastasis recti that was 3 finger widths apart the day after giving birth. . My pregnancy was not how I thought it would be, I thought I’d be exercising regularly the whole way through but that did not happen as I was sick a lot of the time and had back pain that made it hard to just walk around the house. I ended up gaining over 21kg during my pregnancy in fat, fluid, baby, placenta etc. . So many people told me I would “bounce right back” after giving birth like a lot of other fit women do. - Well that’s definitely not the case for me! It’s only 5 days after I gave birth to Mia and I look about 6 or so months pregnant. I can tell I’m going to have a LOT of hard work ahead of me to get fit and strong again which I KNOW I can do but it’s not my priority right now - spending this time with my daughter is. Getting my “body back” can take a back seat for the time being… I’ll get there in a realistic time frame & I refuse to put pressure on myself to get there. . I am SO blessed and beyond happy to bring home my baby girl Mia today. I feel completely content. I look at her and start crying because of the overwhelming love I have for her and I love my body SO much for growing this precious little person. 😊🙌🏼💗 . . #5dayspostpartum #mumlife #bodypositive #blessed .

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A po 5-tich mesiacoch...

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed lately so I forced myself to spend a few mins outside in the sun with Mia.☀️ . We’ve been back from traveling for week now and I still haven’t finished unpacking. The house is an absolute mess which is doing my head in! Each day I’m trying to chip away at it but since Mia doesn’t like to sleep during the day and is being really clingy lately I can’t get much done. 😩 I was rushing around the house tonight cleaning and getting ready to film workouts tomorrow while Mia was sleeping and kicked my little toe - I’m pretty sure it’s broken! It’s the same foot I severely sprained a few months ago (which still hasn’t healed). So typical of me to do that. 🙈😩 - Hey, it could always be worse though right! . Juggling a baby, my business, housework & exercise is tough for me and sometimes I think I’m not cut out for it and wonder how single parents do it if I’m struggling like this.. then I feel guilty for feeling this way! I am my own worst enemy. 🙈 . I just need to prioritise and cut myself some slack and stop putting so much pressure on myself to do EVERYTHING. Housework really isn’t important and can wait. Working out is important to me but missing it a few times is not worth beating myself up over. So my plan is to just do the best I can and stop being so hard on myself... we’ll see. It’s easier said than done! 😂 I absolutely love being a mother and wouldn’t change it for the world but having a couple of extra hands and some more hours in the day would be nice wouldn’t you agree? Haha! 😝 . Sending love to anyone out there who’s feeling overwhelmed with life at the moment. It might feel like the world is on your shoulders right now but things will get better. Repeat after me: “I’m stronger than I think I am, I WILL get through this” and take some slow deeeeep breaths. 😘 - Thanks for listening to my whinging! 😝 Xx . . #5MonthsPostpartum

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Fantastická premena

Ihneď, ako jej to lekár povolil, začala s cvičením. „Najhoršie boli začiatky, bola som taká pomalá a k cvičeniu som sa často dostala až okolo polnoci, ale snažila som sa odcvičiť fit zostavu 5-krát do týždňa,“ spomína. Emily sa dcérke venuje na sto percent a snaží sa hýbať a cvičiť aj spolu s ňou. Často cvičí aj so svojim manželom, čo radí aj ostatným ženám. „Parťák pri cvičení je na nezaplatenie, je pritom úplne jedno, či to bude partner, alebo kamarátka,“ dodáva.


„Keď sa teraz na seba pozriem, som pyšná na to, čo som dokázala a môže to dokázať každá jedna z vás!“ povzbudzuje.

Tá zmena je fantastická, čo poviete?

5 months postpartum progress! 💪🏼 . It was hard to notice changes until I looked back to where I started. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself because I have worked really hard but I’ve been really balanced too. I’m not strict, still enjoy life (and treats) and I don’t spend much time away from Mia. 😃🙌🏼 The hardest part was the start when I first got the all clear to begin exercising at 6 weeks PP. I felt so slow & sluggish but I worked on it by doing my FIT Program about 5 times a week at midnight or so (after Mia finally went to sleep). I’m becoming fitter and stronger every day but I still have to be really conscious of holding my core tight when standing and walking around. It just wants to come “out” all the time. 🙊😝 It was pretty big when I was full term so it’s no wonder it takes time to return back to normal. I just have to keep working on training my muscles to hold everything tight, with good posture and get my core strong again. 👍🏼😉 - I’m getting there one day at a time! . Question for all the mums out there: How long did it take for your tummy to stop wanting to push/hang out? I know everyone is different but I’m just curious. 🤔😃 . .

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#5MonthsPostpartum 💪🏼 Flexed & relaxed . “Slow and steady wins the race” - I’m getting fitter & stronger & I’m feeling great! 😃👊🏼 . Throughout my life I’ve had many people tell me I can’t do something or I’m “no good” and I’m sure many of you have as well! People will always doubt and there will always be negativity thrown at you from others unfortunately. The thing is, the worst kind of negative (sh*t talk) comes from your own head. I believe these thoughts truly have the power to hold you back. Other people criticising aren’t pleasant but they can’t physically stop you from doing anything unless you ALLOW them to. Take back your power and take charge of your life and what you choose to do with it. Don’t ever doubt yourself or allow other people’s doubts and negativity affect you. You can do anything if you want it bad enough and commit yourself to it. . Try not to worry about others doubting & criticising you but DO NOT EVER doubt and criticise yourself. Show yourself love & kindness and be your biggest supporter! - I don’t believe criticising and self loathing is the way to make positive changes, they must be done through self love. It’s hard to do I know, but it’s important to do I believe. 💗 Know your worth and put in the work and go smash those dreams and goals of yours! 👊🏼😘 . .

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Dec and I are trying to make the effort to go to dinner once a week (Mia too). It’s our special time together as a family and we spend it talking and not being distracted by our phones. ☺️ I also get to dress up which is nice for a change because I spend most of my time in PJs with birds nests in my hair #mumlife - actually who am I kidding I did that before I became a mum haha! 😂 That’s what happens when I work from home most of the time! 🙈 . As far as my fitness progress is concerned I’m feeling great, getting leaner, my belly is decreasing in size all the time, my core is getting stronger and I’m fitting into more of my clothes now which I’m happy about - although I wouldn’t have minded having an excuse to get a whole new wardrobe! 😏 . What I’m really happy about is the fact that my weight is INCREASING while I’m getting leaner! You know what that means?! I’m building muscle! 💪🏼😃 Each day I stay committed to my goals is another day closer to achieving them! 😊👍🏼 . Self belief, hard work and consistency is key. 🔑😉 . 🤱🏼 #3monthspostpartum . . @babymiaelise . .

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