Zničil ju alkohol, drogy a väzenie: Ako je na tom dnes žena, ktorá si prešla peklom?

Zničil ju alkohol, drogy a väzenie: Ako je na tom dnes žena, ktorá si prešla peklom? Zdroj: Profimedia
Mnoho ľudí sa z rôznych dôvodov ocitne v živote na samom dne. Niektorí tam už zostanú do konca života, tí silnejší sa odrazia a využijú šancu začať odznova.

Bývalí alkoholici a ľudia závislí na drogách sa často snažia pomôcť iným tak, že zverejnia svoje fotografie predtým a potom, ako sa stali závislými. Jednou z nich, ktorá sa rozhodla vyjsť s kožou na trh, je aj táto odvážna žena.

Drogám prepadlo aj mnoho celebrít, pozrite sa, ako ich zmenila závislosť...


Spustili to problémy v detstve

Jen Elizabeth (42) z mesta Temecula v Kalifornii bola už ako dieťa sexuálne zneužívaná, alkohol začala piť ako dvanásťročná, potom prešla na heroín a dlhých 13 rokov bola na ulici ako bezdomovkyňa. Neskôr sa z nej stala dokonca drogová dílerka, čo ju nakoniec priviedlo do väzenia.

„Cítila som sa bezcenná, špinavá a bola som presvedčená, že by ma nikto nemohol ľúbiť. Bola som otrokom mojej závislosti,“ spomína Jen, ktorej paradoxne práve väzenská cela pomohla k tomu, aby prehodnotila svoj život.

V čase najhoršej závislosti a teraz... 

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Until a couple days ago, I had never laid eyes on these photos. I write and speak about my entire life every single day, but to actually see myself like that... took my breath away. . I included more photos of me in the swipe because I want everyone to know that this first one wasn’t just a bad day; that this was my existence for many years. I want anyone who’s struggling right now with feeling like maybe they’re too far gone to be saved... to see that recovery and healing are possible for every single person on this planet! . I remember times when I had a gutted out van to stay in that smelled of rotting flesh and metal. There were moments when I had motel rooms and actually got to shower. I had a few spots I could hang out at. But mostly I remember the days and nights wandering the streets trying not to be seen by anyone. . When I say I ate from garbage cans, I really mean it. When I tell you I lost the ability to read, I mean I actually could no longer put letters together to form words. When I speak about the times I spent in withdrawals; shaking and sweating, dry heaving and shitting on myself... what I mean is I spent lots of time praying for God to please just wipe me off the earth. . In some ways it’s hard to grasp that I was her and that today, she is me. I have believed a lot of lies in my life. But the ones that hurt me most were the ones I told myself. The ones I believed since I was a little girl about not being good enough for someone to love. Not being capable of the same things in life that other people had. And not being worth anything more than a life of broken hearts and pain. . I look at these pictures and see a girl who never knew that there was anything better to fight for. I see a lot of bad decisions and mistakes made. And I see a girl who was never worth anything less than she is right now. She just didn’t know it. . #transformationtuesday #wedorecover #csasurvivor #childhoodtrauma #traumarecovery #addictionrecovery #addictionawareness #fuckheroin #fuckshame #endstigma #soberwoman #sobermom #sobercommunity #recoverycommunity #soberaf #grateful #recoveroutloud #speakyourtruth #youareworthy #recoveryispossible #healingispossible

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Nevzdala sa!

Čas strávený vo väzení pomohol Jen odpútať sa od všetkých závislostí. Uvedomila si, ako veľmi túži žiť a že chce od života viac, ako doteraz. Vďaka pravidelným terapiám a disciplíne sa jej podarilo kompletne zmeniť svoj život a dnes vyzerá neporovnateľne lepšie. Je šťastnou mamičkou dvoch zdravých detí a svojim príbehom a skúsenosťami dnes pomáha ďalším, ktorí sa snažia od rôznych závislostí odpútať. Držíme jej palce!

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In some ways, I feel as distant as an entire lifetime from the girl I used to be. In others, it feels like just yesterday that I was walking the streets. Sometimes homeless, sometimes hungry, but always desperate. Searching for relief from the shame that had consumed me since before I even knew how to spell my own name. I thought freedom came from a needle, or a pill, or the mouth of a bottle. Because that was the closest thing to peace I had ever known. I could tell you lots of stories of the darkness that my addiction brought me to. But on this day, only one moment from my past truly matters. May,1 2011... sitting in a prison for women... on a cold metal bunk surrounded by cement walls. I was looking out my little window at the small patch of grass we would walk circles around as we talked about lives we had never even lived. An overwhelming sensation came over me; I call it a divine intervention. And it finally hit me... that if I didn't find a way to face the pain I had been willing to die to avoid, this was going to be the sum total of my life until my addiction took me. · Please don't tell me you can't do it! I, and so many people just like me, just like you... are living, breathing, proof that you absolutely can! And stop telling yourself that you're not worth it! Because oh my God, you are! No matter what you've done, where you've been, or what you've been through... you are deserving of a life full of hope and happiness! · I have come so far! And I have been given the gift of the rest of my life to keep going! Today, I am no longer a slave to shame or substances. Today, I know what true freedom really feels like! · #wedorecover #endstigma #endthesilence #nomoreshame #cleanandsober #cleantime #narcoticsanonymous #alcoholicsanonymous #sobermom #soberissexy #sobercommunity #recoverywin #addictionrecovery #recoveryrocks #soberlife #soberliving #soberwomen #sobriety #recoveringaddict #ihateheroin #addictionawareness #healyourlife #setyourselffree #odaat #iamnotanonymous

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What I lack in the size of my guns... I make up for with the size of my heart! God forgive me for all the years I was too paranoid to love, too afraid to be loved, and so alone I couldn't even remember what connection felt like anymore. Getting clean saved my life. Recovery has saved my heart. The people in this community are real. The love is authentic. And the dedication to helping those that are still suffering... is saving lives! Thank you @cleancause for using 50% of your profits to support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction! People helping people in need! That's the shit that can change the world! 💜 . . . #cleanandsober #peoplehelpingpeople #addictionrecovery #recoverycommunity #sobertribe

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